About Us

About Us - The ATV Family Channel

Welcome to the ATV Family Channel, where the love for off-road adventure and family fun collide! We're the McKonlys – R.C., Shannon, Bre, and Braylon – a passionate family of four with a shared enthusiasm for everything off-road and high-speed.

Our Journey:

Our adventure started with a shared thrill for the great outdoors and a deep-seated passion for all things off-road. Whether it's conquering challenging trails on our ATVs or getting our hands on remote-controlled racers, we're always seeking new ways to experience adrenaline-pumping excitement together.

Meet the Family:

R.C. - As the head of our off-road expedition, R.C. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our channel. His love for off-road machines and R/C racing is contagious, and he's always on the lookout for the next great adventure.

Shannon  - Shannon is the heart of our family, keeping us connected and organized on and off the trails. She's a fearless rider who knows how to strike the perfect balance between adventure and safety.

Bre  - Our daughter, Bre, is a rising star when it comes to off-road thrills. She's got a natural talent for handling all-terrain vehicles and R/C racers, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Braylon - The youngest member of our team, Braylon or as we like to call him - Buggs, is our pint-sized powerhouse. He's already showing the same love for off-roading and R/C racing that runs in the family.

Our Channel:

The ATV Family Channel is our way of sharing our passion and adventures with the world. From trail riding on a variety of off-road machines to showcasing the excitement of R/C racing, we invite you to join us on our journey of adrenaline, exploration, and family bonding.

What to Expect:

  • Thrilling ATV and off-road expeditions.
  • Heart-pounding R/C races and reviews.
  • Expert tips and insights on off-roading.
  • Family-friendly adventures that inspire you to create your own memories.

Whether you're an experienced off-roader, a fellow R/C enthusiast, or simply looking for some family-friendly adventure inspiration, the ATV Family Channel is your destination for all things off-road and high-speed.

Join us on our quest for excitement, and together, let's rev up the engine of life and explore the great outdoors, one trail and one race at a time. Welcome to the ATV Family Channel – where the adventure never stops!